adidas cooperation  2019

This semester project was a cooperation with Adidas. In which the topic was given roughly as e-sports, e-gaming and the team spirit around it.

Design teams accompanied us during workshops and presentations and gave us various feedback, new views and approaches.

In the process of my research I focused on the aesthetics of the first computer games and especially the game "Pong". Therefore I also went for table tennis. I researched the look of the team and body movements during the game. 

​I found another design element in the understanding of futuristic fashion of the 60s. The use of metallic fabrics at that time inspired me to use reflective materials throughout the collection.

My color palette was developed out of the layout and advertisement of the first computer models as well out of the tricots of ping pong teams.

Screen printing played a very big role, as this printing technique was the perfect way to bring the very flat and graphic elements of computer games onto my fabrics. Through repeated, layering printing with strongly pigmented ink, a rubber-like print was created that stood out from the textile.

The strange body positions that ping pong players take whiles playing were a very interesting basis for the development of cuts and drappings.

Using classical clothing archetypes such as the polo shirt as a basis, I created special forms of these by adding my shapes created by the movements of the players. These forms of the cuts can be transformed by cord suits to a new draping and thus worn in different variations.

This gimmickry, as well as the "naive" approach of the two dimmensional body forms and the graphic print form the basis for a collection of playful team outfits. 

photography: Hasibe Lesmann

models: Julia Rothe, Tim